joi, 10 iunie 2010

Warrior Princess Xena

I am trying to avoid glossy magazines. Page by page they try to convince me how ugly, poor and unfashionable I am as compared to the ones presented throughout the pages. However, few days ago I have received a digital copy of The One magazine by e-mail (thumbs-up for the lay-out) and clicked on a link, revealing an ugly truth; what men don’t like women to wear?
The 5-item list included my 2 all time favorites; gladiator sandals and baggy trousers.
This summer arrived with a stronger heat wave and humidity, so everyone has right to dress light and comfortable to resist. But why the Xena feet with Shrek pants? Especially when you don’t have the sex appeal of comic book Amazonian warrior princesses, who in the middle of the jungle could manage to get breast implants and Farah Fawcett hairdos, while having regular wax jobs and nail treatment during the fights with wild animals and men clans, all happening in the family jungle. Or at least when you don’t have Shrek’s sense of humor…
Most men don’t like to see a little toe fighting for independence. Also most men don’t like to see you carrying environmental friendly discharge bags between your legs (ever had a ride with a horse buggy? Remember the bags hang down under the horsetails to keep the dirt from falling?)
I am still old-fashioned, also thinking “if you’re not Jesus, don’t wear sandals” for my own gender.

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Having trouble in choosing where to go for a walk and then eating well? Go to Lipscani and try
Mes Amis, successful French cuisine at decent prices or, 
Dinette (Amsterdam Café with new owners), or,
The Divan (at the end a Romanian entrepreneur managed to open a decent Turkish Restaurant

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