luni, 14 septembrie 2009

School means traffic?

Today most of the schools started (proof: Plaza Romania's food court and billiard saloon were full of little humanly creatures)... Although I do not have (yet) any contribution to the world population's growth; still the first day of the school means something for me: endless traffic jams... Now I need to wake up earlier to avoid the mimics of Ugly Kid Geo, waiving both hands and making every possible mockery while using the rear windshield of the mother's/father's car as my obligatory screen to watch.

Isn't it funny that while a lucky percentage of our (your) kids attend classrooms at a more or less decent comfort level to "learn" things; the kids at similar ages who do not posses the same luck will learn much more about the life and the world? While (y)our lucky bastard tries adding up 2 and 2 to reach 4, the muddy boy at the traffic light makes algebraic calculations of cents and notes, summing up the payment to the mob and the elder brother. (I still do advocate not giving money to beggars)

As we are "educated" by the previously educated ones, we are all becoming a prototype accepted by the "civilization" and the abstract standard knowledge that we mostly cannot use in real life helps us add up wealth (did I say "wealth" in the middle of an economic crisis? nope...)
I have studies economics, and at the end learned that only "Ceteris Paribus (everything else constant" you could make a reliable guesstimation about a single economic indicator. And probably that indicator is not relevant when you guess it right. When do we have anything stable and constant???

At lunch break, waiting for the slow motion living Queen Latifah-alike cashier at KFC to hit another button at the register, I have realized that the Mall, and probably the Earth, has been invaded by an army of clean-but-dirty-looking species sending energetic waves of laziness through their cow licked straight hair...and the truth hit, actually struck; I am getting old...Just 25 years ago, it was me annoying the costume-wearing middle aged banker chimp in front of me in the queue to get a BigMac... and now this idiot behind me thinks of me as a chimp? or a banker? See you in 20 years, Dude...

duminică, 13 septembrie 2009

what the blog?

Posted the first text, then spent 2 hours for the set-up.. colors, fonts, formats... Like the bride choosing her gown..

Saturday Nite Fever

After riding my bike for 3 hours, I did decide to wash it in front of the house.. Kind of cool sexy neighbor for the rest of the street residents, huh? ... Nope... Fever and soar throat in the evening, visit to pharmacy, augmentin-strodal..watching HBO instead of leaking to the city to discover sponsor-ready new arrivals...Dinamo lost(0-1), Galatasaray won(3-0) tonite , my favorite teams..They will play against each other for the EuroLeague Group matches; I am fully loyal to Dinamo. If I will make it to the stadium here at Stefan Cel Mare, planning to chant in Turkish against CimBom :)

Fancy a nice sunday breakfast? Try "Anatolia" at Lacul Tei; perfect selection of food. or Radisson for the best brunch in town.

Watch "Michael Jackson Tribute in Bucharest"on YouTube, makes you feel sad and good at the same time..I was never a MJ fan, but 200+ kids dancing as flash mobs in public places; that's what people need, a bit of surprise, entertainment, remembering, youth.. hats off kiddies!!! everybody watching had smiling faces...(though they were aspired by Stockholmers)

Floods everywhere (Istanbul, Texas, Sri Lanka..); how long will we wait until the nature takes full revenge? Brasilian researchers suggested people to pee while taking shower, saving 4 tonnes of water per household every year. Sounds silly but probably 30 years from now it will be by the law..."Man is the only animal which tries to adapt its habitat to himself once settled; while all other species adapt themselves to the surrounding habitat" (Don't remember where I've read this)

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