joi, 18 februarie 2010

it's complicated

It is almost a week of dating her, already few thresholds have been passed (i.e. Gardens of Eden conquered) and the burst of happiness is burning your brain. You feel like Emperor Caesar, nothing can stand on your way… While driving, you try to overcome the urge of smiling.
She is sitting next to you but didn’t make a sound since entering the car. Her head is up and inclined to the other side, as if making a passport photo, the nose tip indicating the sky at the horizon. You should have done something, forgot to do something, but you can’t recall. Sticking to the “communication is the key to a solid relationship” principle you ask, “Babe, anything wrong?”
“Ii-iih..nope…not really…nothing important…” . The face muscles that you were trying to control not to smile, progress into the mimics of panic.
Not really? Nothing important? Shit. You have done it… You were wrong… but where? How? Any clues? You are ready to punish yourself but need the reason to proceed. “Babe, what happened? What’s wrong?”
“I said, it is not important… at least not for you...”
“C’moooon…” you can be cute and collaborative at the same time…
“You didn’t change your profile at Facebook… you are still listed as “single”, I don’t know why? “
The panic look is swiftly replaced by an expression of constipation…you do not have any answer for that…you cannot provide any reasonable reply… you are just an emperor penguin…

---- ---- ---- ----

I have seen some people profiling themselves, as “it’s complicated”… WTF?!? What does this really mean?
Possible meanings;
-       I don’t know how to get rid of him/her. It seems that I am stuck with this relationship
-       I am desperate but he/she doesn’t even like me
-       I am single but I better don’t mention it
-       I have multiple partners and Facebook doesn’t list the option of “In few relationships”
-       My partner is my horse/dog/cushion
-       The rest of the world is too dumb to understand if I would try explaining

You can add more…but most probably it is an implicit message to someone, or a hidden requiem, to come and grab you…
Why there is no listing as “it’s rather simple”? (What is not complicated in one’s life?)

---- ---- ---- ----

Bucharest is under the siege of Mother Nature, the crater lakes left after snow bombs eating our cars. Municipality is expecting the city to self-regenerate itself, spending time with talking, rather than repairing few things around. Shall we call for international aid?
To many question marks for a day, I am done here…

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Sorana spunea...

am luat-o personal, sa stii.. :)

T-Man O spunea...

si tu erai??? nu pot sa cred.... daca stiam, facem misto si de tine...

Anonim spunea...

"Toate neputintele se reduc la una: aceea de a iubi, aceea de a evada din propria tristete." – Emil Cioran


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